Student Support Resources

SDSU has lots of resources to help students succeed, from supplemental instruction and advising, to counseling and emergency financial assistance. 

For academic support, start with page has links to:

  • Academic advising by phone, email, and Zoom
  • Technology  (tech support, academic software, and information on how to access SDSU tech resources)
  • Academic support (tutoring, Writing Center, Math and Statistics Learning Center, help with research, and more)
  • Student services (Student Ability Success Center, Student Rights and Responsibilities, declaring or changing majors or minor, academic withdrawals, and more)
  • Access to electronic textbooks
  • Help with the nuts and bolts of online learning, including how to make the most of online classes, and Virtual Course support.

For economic support, direct students to the Economic Crisis Response Team website (

Counseling and Psychological Services ( offers a wide variety of services to promote our students emotional and psychological well-being.  They have  videos and podcasts, programs for managing stress and trauma, and offer individual, group, and couples counseling. 

The Title IX Coordinator ( can help students who have been the victims of sexual assault.  If a student reports sexual assault to you, you may also wish to refer them to Counseling and Psychological Services.

Information about student health is collected here:

The Office of the Student Ombudsman ( can help students with disputes or conflicts over financial aid, fees, campus housing, grade appeals, enrollment, and conflicts with faculty or staff.