As an aspect of college education, writing has long been considered an important issue. Faculty recognize the central role writing plays in communication both within and outside of the academy. Because of this, many faculty take up the challenges and rewards of teaching writing, in its many forms and for its many purposes, in courses throughout the curriculum. Faculty committed to the teaching of writing recognize that students learn to write not only in first year composition courses but throughout their years in higher education as they encounter new texts and genres for writing as well as new purposes and situations for written communication. Given this commitment, faculty also recognize that writing is not only a means to demonstrate learning or convey knowledge, but also a means to learn as students use writing to work through concepts, understand ideas and new perspectives, and engage with critical thinking.

The following resources support faculty in their work with teaching writing:

Faculty interested in reading more about the teaching of writing are encouraged to visit the National Council of Teachers of English website, particularly the statement on “Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing” and the Conference of College Communication and Composition website, particularly the “Principles for Postsecondary Teaching of Writing.”