Monday, March 23
Faculty-Staff Club

In broadest terms, “supplemental instruction” could mean any academic assistance provided to students in a structured framework (such as break-out sections or regular tutoring), although the term is also used to refer to a specific model built around peer-led study sessions. Here at SDSU, a few departments already use some form of supplemental instruction, either for specific courses or specific student groups. This CTL Roundtable will provide an opportunity for faculty and support staff from all disciplines to come together and discuss how supplemental instruction is being used across campus. Some questions to consider for discussion: Where and how is supplemental instruction already occurring? What type of supplemental instruction would be most useful for students in different courses, and what type is most practical for departments to implement? What resources are needed to adopt effective supplemental instruction programs? What can the University (and CTL in particular) do to support the expanded use of supplemental instruction?

Roundtable events are an opportunity for exploratory discussion around a specified topic. Rather than having speaker presentations, participants will discuss what is currently being done, and what needs to be done, to improve teaching and learning with Supplemental Instruction on campus.