CTL Scholarly Teaching Academy

Scholarly Teaching Academy

The Center for Teaching and Learning Scholarly Teaching Academy supports both faculty success and student success by honoring and recognizing faculty who engage in the demanding work of pedagogical innovation and community-building. Academy members have demonstrated their commitment to pedagogical excellence by engaging in professional development, classroom innovation and reflective improvement; in addition, they have contributed to the SDSU community of teacher-scholars by sharing their expertise with colleagues.


Membership is open to any SDSU instructor, including lecturers. To earn initial membership, instructors must accumulate ten credits and complete a capstone project. Membership is then renewed for any year in which the member accumulates an additional eight credits.

Members can earn credits in several ways:

  • Attend CTL workshops or lunch & learn events: 1 hour = 1 credit
    • Attend at least 80% of events in designated thematic series: additional 5 credits
  • Participate in a CTL Reading Circle: 5 credits
  • Participate as an event presenter/facilitator: 5 credits
  • Complete another capstone project (must submit report with summary): 5 credits
    • Publish project in peer-reviewed outlet: additional 5 credits
  • Complete the STEP program for junior faculty: 10 credits
  • Complete the High-Impact Teaching program: 10 credits
  • Complete the Teaching Partners program: 7 credits

Faculty are also encouraged to contact the CTL Director to discuss other options for earning credit through professional development and community-building, such as attending teaching-related conferences or facilitating teaching discussions more locally (e.g., within a department or college).

Capstone project:

Academy applicants must change something in one of their courses by applying one or more ideas learned through a CTL event, and evaluate the impact of that change. They will then write a report that includes a description of the change, the impact on students, and a reflection by the instructor. This will be shared with the faculty member’s Chair/Director and Dean, as well as being posted on the CTL website. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their project with the CTL Director before beginning.

Benefits of membership:

Aside from the intrinsic benefits associated with improving one’s teaching, members of the CTL Teaching Academy receive the following benefits:

  • Membership in the CTL Teaching Academy is a recognition of your commitment as an innovative educator and as such, can/should be included on your curriculum vitae and your RTP dossier. Capstone projects are also excellent stepping stones to contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning;
  • New members will be inducted into the Academy at a gala reception;
  • Members receive first priority for certain CTL events and opportunities, including a faculty showcase specifically highlighting Academy members. Members will also have opportunities to give input about CTL activities.