Lunch & Learn
Wednesday, October 8
Faculty-Staff Club

Does it ever seem like no matter how clearly you explain an assignment, there are still some students who seem confused about “what you’re looking for”? Or do you ever find yourself half-way through grading a stack of assignments and then worrying that maybe you aren’t being entirely consistent in your grading scale? Or do you wonder how your department is going to measure whether your majors have met the degree learning outcomes that you aspire to? In all of these cases, rubrics to the rescue!

Rubrics are documents that clarify expectations for student work by articulating criteria and describing different levels of quality. Not only can rubrics help teachers with grading and providing feedback, but they can help students by guiding them to a deeper understanding about their own work. In this workshop, you can find out more about what rubrics are, and how they benefit instructors and students, as well as learn from the experience of faculty who have used them. There will also be a discussion of using rubrics for programmatic assessment.

Event materials:  Rubrics: Presentation slides (PDF)video-Part 1 (Valentine)Handout #1 (rubric examples)video-Part 2 (Rapp)Handout #2 (Comm 103 example)video-Part 3 (Bordelon)Handout #3 (GE rubrics)

Links: Revised Bloom’s TaxonomyAACU rubrics for 16 Essential Learning OutcomesSDSU Writing Center