Writing Across Borders

Workshop FlyerLunch & Learn
Monday Feb 22
noon – 1pm
AH 1120

Please join Deborah Poole and Betty Samraj from the Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages and Kathryn Valentine from the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies in viewing and discussing the documentary, Writing Across Borders. We will spend the first part of the session watching this short film and the second part of the session discussing the film and related questions about working with international students at SDSU. Please see below for a description of the film from its website:

“Writing Across Borders is a 3-year documentary project . . . [whose] goal is to address some of the most significant challenges international students face when writing for American colleges and universities. In addressing these challenges, it asks the following questions: How does culture play out in writing, and how are our expectations shaped by cultural preferences? How do we assess international student writing when we have to grade it alongside the writing of native speakers, and how can we think about surface error in a fair and constructive manner? What kinds of teaching and testing practices disadvantage international students and which help them improve as writers?” [cited from http://writingcenter.oregonstate.edu/writing-across-borders]

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Event materials: Writing Across Borders documentary