Student feedback

New Faculty Seminar
Friday, October 2
Faculty-Staff Club

All first- and second-year faculty are invited to get together for complimentary lunch and a discussion about soliciting student feedback. The official student evaluations administered at the end of the semester can be useful for identifying issues that can be addressed the next time around, but even better is to collect feedback during the semester, when there is still time to correct problems with the current class. There are many types of formative assessments that not only can provide you with information about your teaching and whether your students are actually learning what you hope they will learn, but can also improve student learning and encourage critical thinking. We will be joined by Kathryn Valentine, the Director of the Writing Center, who will provide some examples of these formative assessments, and also tell you more about the services the Writing Center provides.

Event materials: Presentation slides, see additional resources on Formative Assessment page.