Past Event Materials

[in reverse chronological order; links take you to the event posting with description and materials]

Fall 2017

Tues Oct 10 Using Contemplative Techniques in the Classroom

Wed Oct 4 Student-Centered Assessment I: Formative Assessment

Mon Sept 18 Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Tues Sept 12 Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL)

Wed Sept 6 Designing Lectures for Increased Student Engagement

Spring 2017

Fri Apr 28 Beyond Bulletpoints: Using Powerpoint and visuals as tools for student engagement

Tu Apr 25 But they won’t do the reading! Motivating students to do pre-class work

Wed Apr 19 What is the faculty role in fighting sexual violence on campus?

Th Apr 13 The what, why and how of Open Educational Resources

Th Mar 23: Re-charging your course: Tools and strategies to reflect on your teaching practice

Mon Mar 13 Understanding and maximizing bilingualism as a classroom resource

Fri Mar 10 Students helping students: Introduction to peer review and evaluation

Mon Feb 27 Alone among strangers: Strategies for retaining and graduating first generation college students

Tues Feb 21 Creating and delivering content outside of class

Fri Feb 17 Inclusive pedagogy workshop: Creating a classroom where ALL student can learn

Mon Feb 6 Introduction of Universal Design for Learning

Fri Feb 3 Getting stated with an interactive classroom workshop

Wed Feb 1 Redressing racial microaggressions

FALL 2016

Fri Dec 2 How Students Learn workshop: An introduction to cognitive science

Wed Nov 16 Inclusive pedagogy workshop: Creating a classroom where ALL student can learn

Mon Nov 7 Being an ally for our military students

Wed Nov 2 Resources for students in emotional distress

Tues Oct 25 Creating safe zones for our LGBTQ+ students

Mon Oct 17 International students in our classrooms: Supporting and learning from different cultures

Fri Oct 7 Relevant, reflective, transparent: Creating student-centered assessments workshop

Mon Sept 26 Art across the curriculum: Enriching any course with arts infusion

Fri Sept 23 Designing lectures for increased student engagement workshop

Wed Sept 21 Affordable Learning $olutions: Lowering costs for students without lowering quality

Tues Sept 13 Catch them early: Using Blackboard’s analytics to identify and support struggling students

Thur Aug 18 Build a Better Syllabus Workshop

Wed Aug 17 New Faculty Orientation “What every instructor should know”


Fri May 6 Scholarly Teaching Symposium

Mon Apr 25 How to Teach Men of Color: Perspectives and strategies that work

Wed Apr 20 Creating Intellectual Communities to Engage Students in the National Scholarship & Fellowship Process

Tues Apr 12 2016-17 Common Experience: Experience Movement [CANCELLED}

Wed Apr 6 New Faculty Seminar: Collaborative learning

Mon Mar 21 Psyched on Supplemental Instruction: Results from fall 2015 pilot study

Wed Mar 2 New Faculty Seminar: Developing your teaching items

Fri Feb 26 How do you gather student responses in class? Low-tech alternatives

Mon Feb 22 Writing Across Borders: Writing with international students

Th Feb 18 Student Evaluations as Tools for Improving Instruction

Th Feb 11 Big Data, Small Data – All Data! Teaching students to manage digital research data

Wed Feb 3 New Faculty Seminar: Effective presentations

Fri Jan 15 How do you deal with laptops and cell phones in the classroom?

FALL 2015

Fri Dec 4 New Faculty Seminar: Rubrics and Grading Tools

Fri Oct 30 New Faculty Seminar: First-year PDS workshop

Wed Oct 28 Student learning and the future of higher education: How does SDSU fit into the national conversation? 

Wed Oct 21 Tools for teaching digital literacy

Wed Oct 14 Using inclusivity and alignment to maximize student learning

Mon Oct 5 Oral communication assignments and assessment

Fri Oct 2 New Faculty Seminar: Formal and informal student feedback

Mon Sept 21 Experience ENERGY: the 2015-16 Common Experience at SDSU

Fri Sept 18 Second-year faculty roundtable

Wed Sept  9 Common student grievances (and how to avoid them)