National Scholarship and Fellowship

Workshop FlyerMon, Apr 20
noon – 1pm
Faculty-Staff Club

A variety of national fellowships are available to SDSU students to support study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, internships, and graduate school. Unfortunately, many faculty and students are unaware of these opportunities and even as students learn of them, the majority do not consider themselves to be competitive candidates.

However, there are many departments and campus programs that currently engage students in the type of high-impact activities that are excellent preparation for these prestigious fellowships. Faculty can play a key role in encouraging students to apply for fellowships by 1) raising awareness of fellowship opportunities, 2) identifying students earlier in their academic training, and 3) encouraging, mentoring and supporting students to apply to fellowships that best match their professional goals.

In this session, presenters Michelle Lopez and Martha Enciso (Division of Undergraduate Studies) will share national scholarship and fellowship opportunities, highlight the benefits of applying, and discuss how faculty can assist and encourage students to participate in the fellowship process.

Event materials: Presentation slidesvideo of presentation; link to join listserv