Inclusivity and alignment

Wednesday, October 14
AH 1112

This workshop will focus on some of the ways in which being inclusive in your classroom can support the needs of all your students and maximize student learning. Specifically, the workshop will impart practical, concrete techniques to overcome common teaching tasks and challenges, and will provide an opportunity to develop and implement strategies to improve inclusivity. Additionally, you will be exposed to alignment and its positive influence on maximizing student learning, and will have the chance to put it into practice. The content of this workshop is centered around evidence-based best practices drawn from the literature on scientific teaching and learning.

Presented by NAS/HHMI Summer Institutes Education Fellows, affiliated with the Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) program. Co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and the College of Sciences. Complimentary lunch provided.

Event materials: Presentation slideshandouts