Other Faculty Resources

The resources on this page are related to faculty roles outside the classroom. Descriptions of resources, links and contact information are included for each. Many of these resources are also found in other sections; they are repeated for convenience.

Quick links:

http://fa.sdsu.edu/  Email: [email protected]

619-594-6111; Manchester Hall Room 3310 (MH-3310)
The Office of Faculty Advancement is located on the first floor of Manchester Hall [Campus Map or use the Campus Wayfinder] Located within the Division of Academic Affairs, Faculty Advancement is responsible for professional, personnel, and labor relation services for faculty, librarians, and counselors. With an emphasis on quality and responsive service, the Office of Faculty Advancement provides many of the human resources needs of the University’s academic personnel, which include:

  • Academic Recruitment
  • Evaluation
  • Leaves of Absence
  • J-1 and H-1B Immigration
  • Labor matters, including complaints, grievances, and litigation
  • Interpretation of the collective bargaining agreements (CBA) for unit 3 faculty and unit 11 academic student employees, and campus and CSU policies and procedures
  • Training sessions and new faculty orientation programs

https://go.sdsu.edu/researchaffairs/  Email: [email protected]

619-594-5938; Gateway Center, 3rd floor [Campus Map or use the Campus Wayfinder]The Division of Research Affairs (DRA) is the central University office with oversight of research management, regulatory compliance, research assurances, and research promotion. The DRA is responsible for institutional approval of all grant proposals and contracts relating to sponsored research, instruction, and service agreements. Services include:

https://www.foundation.sdsu.edu/  Email: [email protected]

(619) 594-1900; Gateway Center [Campus Map or use the Campus Wayfinder] Established in 1943, San Diego State University Research Foundation (SDSURF) is a non-profit auxiliary corporation authorized by California’s Education Code to support San Diego State University. Their mission is to support and further the vision and research objectives of San Diego State University and to help faculty and staff find, attract and administer their research and sponsored programs.

senate.sdsu.edu/ Email: [email protected]

AD221 [Campus Map or use the Campus Wayfinder] The Senate office is located on the second floor of the Administration building.

The San Diego State University Senate shall consider policies with respect to the general welfare of the university. It shall review established policies, consider new policies, and study matters of concern to the students or faculty members.

The University Senate shall formulate educational policy, including admissions, curricula, and criteria for the granting of degrees. It shall analyze established and proposed policies of instruction and consider variations in policy in exceptional cases.

It shall advise the President in the selection of administrative personnel and maintain adequate communication between the faculty and the administration.

A member of the faculty may request a member of the Senate to transmit to the University Senate for discussion and possible action topics coming under the jurisdiction of the Senate.

It shall appoint University Senate committees, establish rules and procedures for these committees, as well as establish procedures for the University Senate.


The National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students.

Whether you are an assistant professor trying to earn tenure, a mid-career faculty member trying to reach full while managing service demands, or a graduate student or temporary faculty member building your academic career, NCFDD provides excellent on-line support resources, including:

  • A core curriculum that provides a framework for thinking about how to get your work done
  • A once-weekly email message to support productivity
  • Monthly webinars on issues including funding, publishing, writing, work / life balance, faculty diversity, and climate / collegiality
  • A library of past webinars, accessible as slides, transcripts, or recordings

SDSU has an institutional membership; you can claim your membership by visiting https://facultydiversity.site-ym.com/page/registration.