Experience ENERGY

Monday, September 21
Faculty-Staff Club

Energy. Human energy. Mechanical Energy. Creative Energy.

Energy means many things in many disciplines; Experience Energy is the theme for this year’s Common Experience. Photo contests, student research symposia, new courses, theatrical performances and other special events on campus offer students an opportunity to expand upon their coursework and consider the topic of energy from many different perspectives. These events offer faculty an enriching array of activities to supplement courses, a chance to meet new colleagues, and forge interdisciplinary collaboration.

What does energy mean in your: discipline, research, teaching and/or community activities? We would like to have you join a cross-campus, multidisciplinary coalition of faculty and students interested in energy as a subject in all its possible manifestations. How else can you participate? Go to a performance or exhibition. Send your students to an Experience Energy event. Make the connection in your classes.

For more information, join us for a CTL Roundtable lunch on Monday, September 21. We will begin with brief presentations by Common Experience faculty from last year, then open the floor to small group brainstorming on three topics: How do I already use the concept of energy in my teaching and research? How can I use this year’s Experience Energy campus activities to add interdisciplinary perspectives to my existing classes? And, who can I collaborate with to develop Common Experience proposals for the future? Complimentary lunch provided.