Affordable Learning $olutions

Workshop FlyerLunch & Learn
Wed Sept 21
noon – 1pm

Many faculty have experienced frustration with students who do not buy their books in a timely manner (if at all), but for students, the high price of course materials may be a real hardship. The new Immediate Access Program, which began as a pilot in Spring 2016, tries to address these problems by automatically giving students access to required course materials in digital format by the first day of class, at reduced prices. The Immediate Access Program is now part of the SDSU Affordable Learning Solutions program, a grant funded by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Join us to hear about the experiences of Sam Kobari (Anthropology) and Diane Richardson (Geography) who participated in the Spring pilot, and learn how you can become a participant in this or other programs designed to save students money. You can also contact Linda Woods ([email protected]) for more information about Affordable Learning Solutions.

Event materials: Presentations slides