Monday, February 23
Faculty-Staff Club

Quantitative Reasoning is a core skill for all our students, reflected in both Foundation and Explorations General Education coursework. The General Education program notes that quantitative reasoning “refers to a range of academic capacities that includes learning from data, communicating quantitatively, analyzing evidence and assertions, and employing quantitative intuition.” But how well are we actually teaching these skills at SDSU? This CTL Roundtable will provide an opportunity for faculty and support staff from all disciplines to come together and discuss the teaching of quantitative reasoning on campus. What is currently happening in QR courses? What should be happening in those courses? Are Foundations courses effectively preparing students for upper-division QR work? What can the University (and CTL in particular) do to support those who teach QR?

Roundtable events are an opportunity for exploratory discussion around a specified topic. Rather than having speaker presentations, participants will discuss what is currently being done, and what needs to be done, to improve teaching and learning of Quantitative Reasoning on campus.

Event materials: Discussion notes