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Do you ever wonder what goes on behind other classroom doors, how colleagues handle certain classroom issues or engage students? All too often, college faculty approach teaching as if they are alone in their pedagogical endeavors and yet, we are surrounded by others engaged in the exact same efforts. Wouldn’t you like to tap into the collective wisdom of this community?

To that end, the Center for Teaching and Learning is excited to host Open Classrooms Week, a new initiative to highlight exemplary teaching and to encourage faculty to reflect on the shared nature of our work as instructors. From February 12-15, a small number of faculty from a range of disciplines will open their classrooms and allow registered colleagues to visit and observe their class ‘in action’. Interested faculty can choose from multiple open courses over the four days. The event will culminate with a reception on Thursday, 3:30-5pm, giving all participants an opportunity to reflect on their observations and celebrate the excellent teaching happening across the SDSU campus. All instructional faculty are invited to participate in Open Classrooms Week by reviewing the full schedule of open courses and then registering for the courses of your choice. Space in many of the courses is quite limited so don’t wait too long to sign up! Even if you are not able to visit any of the open classes, please join us for drinks and appetizers at the Thursday reception as we celebrate SDSU's community of teacher-scholars!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Many (but not all) of the Open Classrooms use active learning techniques, such as having students work in groups. Unless specifically invited to participate by the instructor, visitors are expected to be observers only.
  • Space in any given class is limited by available seating. In the registration form, classes will be removed once all open seats are claimed; if a class is on the full schedule but you do not see it listed on the next page, you can request to be put on the waitlist.
  • If you would be interested in opening your classroom to others in the future, please let the CTL Director know ([email protected])!!!
Please consult the campus map to locate each building. For full descriptions, see the schedule of courses arranged by day/time.
Participating classes [Instructor]:

ARP 205: Exploring Leadership [Lisa Gates]

ARP 405: Enacting Leadership [Lisa Gates]

CIVE 465: Foundations Design [Julio Valdes]

COMM 371: Intercultural Communication [Yea-Wen Chen]

ECON 403: Health Economics [Hisham Foad]

ED 851: Qualitative Inquiry [Marva Cappello]

ENG 726: How We Read Now: Literary Criticism and Theories of Reading [Jessica Pressman]

GEOL 104: Earth Science [Isabelle SacramentoGrilo]

HIST100 World History -- Beginnings to 1500CE [Elizabeth Pollard]

HIST 109: American History to Reconstruction [Eve Kornfeld]

HIST 445: California History [Sarah Elkind]

JMS 300: Principles of Journalism [Arthur Santana]

JMS 452: Media & Identity [Nathian Shae Rodriguez]

JMS 565: Advertising Campaigns [Yang Feng]

LING 420: Linguistics & English [Paul Justice]

MATH 342B: Methods of Applied Mathematics II [Antoni Luque]

OCEAN 100: Ocean Planet [Isabelle SacramentoGrilo]

RELS 101: Intro to World Religions [Khaleel Mohammed]

RWS 305W: Writing in Various Settings [Katie Hughes]

SOC 335: Mass Communication and Popular Culture [Minjeong Kim]

THEA 120: Heritage of Storytelling [Shelley Orr]

THEA 460B: History of Theatre [Shelley Orr]