Friday, April 24, 2015
AH 1120

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a ‘whole-course’ flipped design that has students working on higher-order problems in permanent (semester-long) teams. In a TBL course, each unit begins with the Readiness Assurance Process in which students absorb preparatory material on their own and take a quiz on that material, first individually and then again as a team, with immediate feedback. Class sessions are then devoted to in-class application exercises, answered by teams and with instructor feedback. These exercises are carefully designed to ensure maximum interaction between the students in their teams and among the teams. Thus, students spend the vast majority of class time using and applying material.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the key principles of TBL, how to design a TBL course, and tips to ensure a smooth transition to this new course style. The best way to understand how TBL works is to see it in action. Thus, participants are required to watch a short (12-minute) video before the workshop; participants will then be divided into teams and experience the Readiness Assurance Process firsthand. We will discuss characteristics common to successful TBL courses and address common questions about implementing TBL.┬áNote that TBL is a “flipped classroom” format and much of the discussion of best practices will also apply to flipping more generally.

Participants must watch the video, “Team-Based Learning: Group Work that Works” prior to the beginning of the workshop. The video can be found here – it’s the second video on the page (note: although the webpage is about teaching large classes, TBL can be effective in any size class). You can also access the video directly on Vimeo here. And there WILL be a quiz on the material so be sure to watch it before you get to the workshop!

Lunch will be provided.