Lunch & Learn
Wednesday, March 4
Love Library 430

Capstone experiences require students to complete some sort of project that synthesizes, integrates and applies what they have learned in their major program. The most common capstone requirements are the senior thesis, design project or performance (depending on the field). Although these culminating experiences have been demonstrated to increase student engagement, they also can be resource-intensive, as they generally require high levels of faculty mentoring and working one-on-one with individual students. This cost prevents many departments, particularly larger programs, from offering capstones at all.

Join us to hear representatives from Geography and from Child and Family Development discuss the portfolios that their departments require of all graduating seniors. This alternative approach to the capstone experience may be more manageable than the traditional thesis, while still having students synthesize and reflect on what they have learned in their time at SDSU.

Event materials: Geology presentation slides (PDF)CFD presentation slides (PDF)